Silk Route 2 (Su Lu Er) starts journey with One Belt One Road Humanity Community (OBORHC)

Silk Route 2 (Chinese version: Su Lu Er) is highly delighted to be part of OBORHC in India and will do its best to make this initiative successful. We will try to organize different academicians, institutes, business personalities and other eminent person interested in OBOR in India under this forum.

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One Belt One Road Humanity Community is led by Publisher of Dalian University of Technology, it is a state key project that is engaged in developing a culture entity that integrates cultural diversities and facilitates communications alongside the Belt and Road. The website “B&R Humanity Community” (Chinese version, went online in November, 2016. Other languages including English, Russian, Arabic and Persian are still under development. The website is designed to be a multi-lingual website that integrates media resources, publications & books on policy interpretation, education, travel, trade, humanity, not only from China’s angle, but also through the lens of other countries that play important roles on the 21th Silk Road.

B&R Humanity Community team holds close ties with national authorities on the B&R initiative, including experts in Central Party School (the Communist Party of China) and “B&R Forum of One Hundred Key Members”, which encompass the most authoritative policy interpreters on B&R initiative in China. Therefore, it is conducive for us to communicating official policies and their interpretations of the greatest accuracy. We strive to facilitate communications and forge ties between reputable international institutes & scholars on China studies – especially on One Belt One Road Initiative – and Chinese authoritative institutes & academia.         

Up to now, our project team has already established communications with various reputable international institutes, such as National University of Mongolia, The Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES) of the Russian Academy of Science, Belarusian State University, Sino-Belarus Research Center of One Belt One Road Initiative, Odessa National University of Ukraine, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (Singapore) and other One Belt One Road related institutes and universities.

The One Belt One Road Humanity Community was newly launched in August, 2016. We sincerely seek cooperative relations with reputable institutions and experts on China studies. We strive to develop a platform for countries along the B&R to display their exclusive cultures and histories, to voice their needs and interest, and also for institute/experts on international studies and economists to communicate their insights on B&R initiatives.

August, 2016, the project “OBOR Joint Culture Development Based on Big Data” we proposed was approved by the Ministry of Finance with a state funding totaling 7 million yuan.



Saikat Bhattacharya

Dong Zhao