Published on 2016- 2017

Right wing is there in any society. Artificial states are created in Europe after the Second World War that does not have any connection with their Christian roots or identity. European Union is curved out of 50 languages united in the name of liberal democracy and secularism. The influence of fascist elements still exists in European states. So the return of real nation states can happen anytime if strong and wise leadership come and use appropriate time. Europe experienced in 1920s to 1930s rise of ultra right under leadership of Hitler-Musolini-Franco. The ultra rightists rose again after end of cold war due to absence of real opposition against liberalism and globalization which threaten social foundations of ethnic people. Technological development led the people towards individualism and profit motivated unsustainable societies.
Revival of Russia through strong leadership, economic crisis, far right wing in UK leading to Brexit, emergence of right wing population across the Europe, continuous direct and indirect US intervention in European states, the decaying effects of  globalization experienced on eastern Europe motivated right wingers to do revolt against and modernity. Frequently orchestrated bloody rebellions and civil war in Arab nations created refugee crisis around all direction. Maidan protest conducted in Ukraine by liberal elites of USA and EU to overthrow the government in 2014 and destabilize the Balkan states to provoke Russia. Legal joining of Crimeans joined with mother state Russia from artificial Ukraine state. East Europe have cultural heritage and hence they expose the threats of liberal democracy, multiculturalism, international bankers, crooked policy cultivated for destabilizing Europe. Middle-East at the same time enduring hybrid wars constructed by liberal elites resulting for Europe refugee crisis, economic crisis and unemployment problems.
European national states forgot to build up their nations according to ethnicities and become weaker in social capital. European Union is a temporary build up under US globalists and their NATO army to counter the right wing parties of Europe, weaken the erstwhile Soviet countries and integration of Russian states. European people should think about their real enemy who weakened the Europe further through cultural attack. Enemies use the Jews against Europe in 1920s to 1945 and now using Muslim migrants among whom there are extremists against Europe. The elite class is creating false enemies and using them against each other for their own benefits. Elites planned the world map, demography for dividing and integrating the national states according to their needs. They create failed states or artificial states for enslaving the world population and looting world resources in unjust manner and ignoring the real problems under the cover of liberal democracy.
The right wingers use the chain of events efficiently and trying to construct an independent European states and dismantling artificial temporary European Union and questioning the need of NATO. European people fears about the migrants and refugees in the time of economic crisis and also afraid of ineffective puppet governments under US control. Muslim migrant threats are created by crooked atlanticists in north africa, middle east, central asia and urge them knowingly or unknowningly to turn against Europe. Muslim leadership or Muslim nations joined with liberal atlantic elites for their existence. Poor refugees are moving towards the politically stable countries for shelter and living. Elites were aiming the power using migrants as a tool. The nations of the migrants were already destabilized through orchestrated civil war. Power and security of Muslims Arab nations are in hands of world ruling elites. So Muslims are easy prey for globalist elites.
Skilled political leaders in times of great economic and social crisis motivate the people towards a change. Right wing government should extend cooperation towards Russia for protecting the traditions and also towards China for reducing challenging effects of unlimited liberalization. Far right parties have only the option of Russia and China after the dissolution of European Union and the end from Atlantic elites. Sincere leaders and intellectuals should unite for protecting their national identity and work towards sustainable development in Europe and conducting intellectual discussions for introducing new political theory suitable to current state of the West. Eurasian union or European Union is only possible when the political leaders could have permanent solutions for the global chaos. This is the time for responsible real world leaders to act to stabilize the failed states in Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa by implementing good policies rather than looting or uncontrolled exploitation. Empowerment of all nations and sustainable development must be goal of alternative right wingers.


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