As a relatively new phenomenon, the movement is quite heterogeneous, but the fact that it is a new phenomenon, makes it more interesting for all those who intend to do a research on alt - right as a political theory.
Victory of Donald Trump on Presidential elections in the United States actualize this movement as a relevant phenomenon on a political scene, which tends to be further developed in the following years.   Army of the "memes" made their first great victory: Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America.

A broad range of different people, from libertarians, to neo conservativism supporters, to far right nationalists - this could be a definition of alt – right supporters. Homogeneous range of people whose common value is the conservatism or at least nationalism. American conservatism is characterized by traditional values regarding society and liberal economy. Alt-right alternative is well known for established mainstream conservatism. Just as Tramp is an anti-establishment politician in comparison with the Republican candidates like Mr. Ted Cruz and Mr. Marc Rubio. Alternative right has its social impact transformed into political influence by the support of Donald Trump. So alt-right is closely connected to the anti-establishment politicians. To explain this connection, I have to explain the context that led to the rise of alt -right movement and its articulation during the presidential campaign.

In the political system of the United States there are two major political parties: Republican and Democratic. Political parties influence the public opinion and are shaping it, but also public opinion affects the parties, and it models their policies. A voter is influenced by both of these factors. Such a political system led to the fact that the two parties compete for a vote of an average voter. This consequently implies that these two parties begin to resemble one to another. In fact, on the ideological scale, Democrats and Republicans are gradually becoming closer to the political center. Candidates, campaigns, platforms, greatly resemble to each other, which brought the routinization and fossilization of the electoral process in the country. On the other hand politicians became the mere representatives of the big business sphere and their political decisions are not related any more to the interests and perceptions of the average "little man". Furthermore, people have lived in the belief that ideology does not exist and that we have reached the end of history in that sense. The front characteristic of this post-modern time is a constellation of factors which is actually a package that contains: multiculturalism, political correctness, post material values ​​... etc. These “post-materialist” values ​​are a means of an attempt to replace morality and ethics in society, and in the same time, it is a way to divert attention from the real problem of growing social inequality, as a consequence of linear growth of capital and profits. These values ​​do not have much in common with the experience and perspective of the average American man in his forties - the average voter. The truth is that the US is in crisis, all Mid West is chain of roast. Alienation from the political center and the phenomenon of the established politicians who tend to form their "dynasty" with the coming crisis is a good soil for the anti-establishment politicians and alt-right movement, itself.

We can say that the alt – right in USA does not have any direct connection with tradition, any kind of ideology, historical event or even a myth. There is no alt – right party or alt right manifesto, or alt – right school of philosophy. Alt - right is a mere reaction… A reaction which is based on criticism about many elements of the mainstream society

Surely the biggest challenge for alt-right is the way of communication with their potential supporters. The alt – right has emerged and has grown on internet. The most important precondition for the operational and methodological articulation of this movement is the fact that the mainstream media support the mainstream political candidates who try to preserve the status-quo situation in society. Due to this setting, the alt – right had to be innovative and find out and elaborate the alternative methodology. It used the already existing social media on internet, but further developed a completely new way of political marketing, especially on Facebook. In a very short time, we witnessed the establishment of a completely new code for spreading informations, new use of FB pages, FB groups, internet pages and websites. They all supported Mr. Donald Trump, and were critical, often ironic about the mainstream values and “political correctness” (use of Pepe the frog memes, etc…).

Interesting fact: Alt – right is movement that is settled on Facebook social network, in the other side Twitter banned several alt – right figures. I can conclude that facebook is blue collar social network, which is used by average American. Twitter is mainly considered as the media for “intellectuals”, and for “students from Berkley”… For sure, the message which  is settled on face book becomes more visible and more public…
In Europe we might have the potential increase of Alt - right movement in the next few years. The indicator which can be used for long-term forecasts are the results of elections for the European Parliament. These elections have shown that the Eurosceptic right has an important growing potential. This segment of right is trying to preserve the identity and culture of a nation, it opposes further integration in the EU, advocating a Europe of nations, and is considered to be the main bearer of the sovereignty of the nation. The explanation that the rise of right-wing is  caused by the global economic crisis and generally making any parallels with the global economic crisis and “rising fascism” are in the final analysis, incorrect. Austria in recent years recorded an important economic growth, and despite this fact there is a linear rise of right-wing. In this context, it is important to stress that Austria is facing a large increase of Muslim migrants. The authentic desire to preserve the identity of European peoples in turbulent but also in not so turbulent years is the element which generates a force on the right. Also, in the case of France, the 2014 local elections, the National Front won a quarter of the votes, which is a major increase in popularity of one movement of far right. From 2014 to 2017 increased the number of the terrorist attacks, but also an increase in violence caused by newly arrived immigrants, which accumulated the discontent among the French. In this moment, presidential elections are very soon, Mrs Marin le Pen might be at least one of the potential winners in these elections. Also, "left government", and President Francois Hollande  have made great concessions in relation to the requirements of economic liberalism and the demands of other "European partners".. Situation in France is very similar with situation in the United States of America: there is an anti-establishment candidate: Mrs, Marin le Pen, and in the same time - two very similar parties with same politics, and very large number of citizens who are disappointed. Second great battlefield of the “meme wars” will probably be set on the French soil – the presidential elections in March this year.

To conclude, yes, alt - right movement has made its first victory in United States, but we can be sure that alt – right methodology has a very big potential in next few years, mainly in the periods of elections (In France for example) Also, the values of alt – right movement will not be the same in Europe like it was in USA, mainly because in Europe exist the historically established and organic connections with tradition, but also, traditionalism with its many sub-divisions as a school of thought. Contrary to this – the USA phenomena like the neocon – right, and alt – right in the present time are mainly reactions.

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