Silk Route 2 (Si Lu Er) starts journey with One Belt One Road Humanity Community (OBORHC)

Silk Route 2 (Chinese version: Su Lu Er) is highly delighted to be part of OBORHC in India and will do its best to make this initiative successful. We will try to organize different academicians, institutes, business personalities and other eminent person interested in OBOR in India under this forum.
One Belt One Road Humanity Community is led by Publisher of Dalian University of Technology, it is a state key project that is engaged in developing a culture entity that integrates cultural diversities and facilitates communications alongside the Belt and Road. The website “B&R Humanity Community” (Chinese version, went online in November, 2016. Other languages including English, Russian, Arabic and Persian are still under development. The website is designed to be a multi-lingual website that integrates media resources, publications & books on policy interpretation, education, travel, trade, humanity, not only from China’s angle, but also through the lens of other countries that play important roles on the 21th Silk Road. For Details visit website:
Contact - Bangiya Paramparik Karu O Bastra Shilpi Sangha
International Desk Coordinator & Research Coordinator.
Saikat Bhattacharya - 91-9903846087, E-mail -, INDIA

About Silkroute

We, Bangiya Paramparik Karu O Bastra Shilpi Sangha, are committed to the one Belt One Road or Silk Road 2.0 proposed by Chinese President Xi Jing Ping in October, 2013. We think OBOR is a revolutionary concept in a global economy plagued by lack of demand and over capacity. Up to 2007-08 Great Financial Crisis, Asset Trading was considered the ultimate way to create demand. We think OBOR proposing real investment in infrastructure as alternative way of creating demand.


We think OBOR being real investment in mainly infrastructure has to face long gestation period, long time to cover cost and not ideal for east short term profit making mind set of Finance based demand creation. Hence, OBOR is bound to come into contradiction with the quick money making and short term thinking of extant political and social institutions. We will deal with those problems and also will propose different new social and political instruments that suits the long term nature of OBOR. We definitely think OBOR must include preservation of tradition, environment and heterogeneity of different societies besides building of modern infrastructure as part of its policy. Only then a long term thinking society at per with OBOR concept can come into being. .

Adnan Aboobacker

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In October 2013 China has announced to reinvigorate the historical silk road that was once the basis